4 Benefits Of Custom Orthotics If You Have Arthritis

Custom orthotics are a three-dimensional device that is custom made to fit the exact geometry of your foot. The device helps relieve pain in the feet and legs and can greatly reduce or even eliminate pain associated with arthritis. Custom orthotics also provide relief from plantar fasciitis, bunions, corns, neuromas and more.

Additional benefits of custom orthotics include better alignment of the leg muscles, reduced pressure on injured joints, improved comfort for long periods standing or sitting and prevention of muscle cramps at night. Here are four ways custom orthotics can help improve your quality of life if you have arthritis.

1. Tackles painful arthritis in your feet and legs

Custom orthotics support the feet and legs by providing cushioning and a better fit, which reduces or even eliminates pain that may be caused by arthritis. The devices redistribute body weight to reduce pressure on the joints, bones, muscles and tendons. They also control foot pronation, which can reduce or eliminate pain in the knees, hips and back. The device supports the foot when standing on uneven surfaces to provide more stability for people with impaired balance caused by arthritis.

2. Provides relief from plantar fasciitis

These orthotic devices provide cushioning, added support and arch support for plantar fasciitis. They can be fitted with special inserts to provide relief from pain on the bottom of the foot, where the plantar fascia attaches to the heel bone. They can also be fitted with a cushioned pad to relieve painful ulcers on the sole of your foot caused by pressure from your shoes.

3. Helps prevent falls and balance issues caused by arthritis

Custom orthotics help prevent falls in people with arthritis who suffer from poor balance or have difficulty walking due to pain or impaired mobility in their feet or legs. These devices can be fitted to provide added support to the feet and ankles, which improves balance and mobility. They are also able to reduce pronation — the inward roll of the foot that may contribute to falls and loss of balance. Another benefit is that custom orthotics are available in many styles, such as sandals.

4. Provides comfort for long periods standing or sitting

They can also help improve comfort during long periods of standing or sitting by supporting areas in your feet and legs that are prone to pain due to arthritis, injury, age or other conditions. The device can be fitted with a cushioned pad that provides pressure relief for bunion sufferers who are unable to wear shoes without discomfort.

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