Using Custom Orthotics Could Help Soothe Your Heel Pain

Your heels seem like such a small part of your body, but they're essential for your ability to walk comfortably. And if your heels are beginning to hurt, that could make it very difficult to move like you normally do. Many times, heel pain is caused by your shoes. However, it's possible to soothe that pain by using custom orthotics. These are insoles that change how your feet support you and where much of that support pressure falls on the soles of your feet. These orthotics can be full-length, running from heel to toe, or they can be partial, affecting only half of your foot. Either way, when these orthotics are custom-made to fit your foot, you can soothe a lot of pain.

Orthotics Provide Good Support

Any shoe you wear has to have adequate support for your foot. Even sedentary jobs involve some walking, and you want to be sure that your feet do not end up slapping against an office floor as if they had no shoes on at all. If you have shoes that you like that don't seem to offer a lot of support, you'll need to add orthotics. If heel pain is already an issue because of these shoes, a custom orthotic made for your foot is a better option.

Orthotics Mitigate the Effects of Inappropriate Shoes

Keep in mind that your shoe might be causing your pain, but it might not be because of the shoe itself. It might be when and where you're wearing it that's affecting you. However, you might not have a choice sometimes; for example, if you wear heels at work and need to walk to a transit center, the heels are not the best for that post-work commute. But if you don't want to bring additional pairs of shoes with you, you may have no choice. In that case, arranging to have orthotics made for your shoes could help, at least somewhat, to reduce heel and foot pain.

Orthotics Provide Cushioning

Sometimes the insoles provided in shoes simply don't have enough give in the right places for your foot. You have a good amount of insole material between your foot and the base of the shoe, but the insole is too hard or adds pressure in the wrong places. This is another time that a custom orthotic is necessary. The orthotic can be made to conform to both the insole and your foot, relieving pressure and making each step a little softer and more comfortable.

Speak to a podiatrist about ordering custom orthotics. When you wear these, your feet and your heels, especially, should at least have less pain. It is possible that with the right orthotics, you can get rid of that pain entirely.

For more information on orthotics, contact a professional near you.

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